Find Your Roots Through DNA
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23andme Test

23andme previously tested for medical results as well as genetic genealogy. They have an  injunction form the FDA on presenting the information at this time for new customers. You can still test for genetic matches. We include  instructions on working with 23andme as their site requires some explanation.


 Click on the image below to order your test:

23 Pairs of Chromosomes. One Unique You. Get your DNA story at


We recommend you test your autosomal DNA at 23andMe for $199. Since 23andme changed their testing chip, it is not longer possible to upload your results to FTDNA. Results can be uploaded to GedMatch (check under Tools)

A recent blog post by Roberta Estes gives a good overview of working with 23andMe.  It can be found here: Navigating 23andme for Genealogy