Find Your Roots Through DNA
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Birth Family Contact

We urge care in making contact. Do not appear at the door unannounced, or start a conversation on the phone with you are my mom. Go slow. Never leave a contact opportunity without making sure that the other person knows how to get hold of you. I advise not leaving a message other than something like, Hi I am ** and I am working on some genealogy and i think we might be related. I will call you back soon.

This link will take you to a story with four powerful words "I need your help".  Followed up later with:

"I was born on..... at XX hospital/town to a woman named ......And I believe that's you."

Short, specific, and impactful....leading to a successful reunion.*

* Source: Tampa Bay Times, Andrew Meacham, 28 Dec 2016, "At 17, She Gave Him Up...Then He Called." 

There are suggestions too on the next pages submitted by Margaret Kuni who we have been asking for advice on this for quite a while.