Find Your Roots Through DNA
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Third Party Tools

These tools are supported by the developer


DNAGedcom Client App - Download AncestryDNA matches and ancestors files, download 23andMe data files

Genome Mate - Genome Mate is a desktop tool designed to organize data collected while rsearching DNA Connections.

FTAnalyzer _ Checks your gedcoms for missing information reports on relationships

DNAMatch for iPad - Apple App store.

GedXlate - A handy utility that is free that translates your gedcoms into spreadsheets letting you search them more easily. (This is an old program that uses components that are not always available on current versions of windows. This is a link that talks about how to to fix things:

Gedmatch - A sophisticated tool that lets you upload DNA tests results and gives you many tools to analyze them  free.

Puzillla - if you have a tree in Expands information family tree, identifies missing documentation, identifies ancestral realtionships. Documentation 

Highlight Chrome Extension - from the Chrome store. Highlights every instance of a name and term you are searching for