Find Your Roots Through DNA
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First Look Intro Classes

The First Look classes are designed to help people get started using and understanding their Autosomal DNA results with FamilyTreeDNA, 23andMe, Ancestry and Gedmatch. This is a basic, entry level course. For more indepth study see our Classes page for additional classes. 


First Look: Intro to FTDNA


First Look at FTDNA Updated May, 2017

DNA Prediction Chart 
Using the prediction spreadsheet 


First Look: Intro to Gedmatch


 Please note that effective December 2018 uploads of new DNA kits are now done at . Kitty Cooper’s blog on the move to Genesis:

And Genesis Basics:


First Look at Gedmatch.Genesis  Updated June 8, 2019

DNA Prediction Chart 
Using the prediction chart   

First Look: Intro to AncestryDNA


First Look at AncestryDNA Updated May 9, 2019

Blog posts by Roberta Estes: Dissecting AncestryDNA Circles and New Ancestors and Thrulines Dissected

Blog post by Kitty Cooper: Ancestry's new DNA feature, ThruLines



First Look: Intro to 23andMe


First Look at 23andMe Updated July 8, 2018


First Look: Intro to MyHeritage


 First Look at MyHeritage Updated July 7, 2018

New Theory of Relativity blog post by Roberta Estes


First Look: Intro to LivingDNA


 First Look at LivingDNA Updated October 11, 2018

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