Find Your Roots Through DNA
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Family Tree DNA is the most complete DNA company specializing in Genetic Genealogy.They include in depth Y-DNA for males only and mtDNA testing that help you learn your deep ancestry. We recommend the Family Finder Test for both males and females.  To order your test, click on the picture below.

For Y-STR and mtDNA testing, FTDNA is the only company that we can currently recommend. We generally recommend testing, at least, 37 markers for Y-DNA. If finances are an issue, then start with one of the lower resolution tests, like the 12 marker Y-DNA test, and upgrade at a later time.

We generally do not recommend mtDNA* testing for adoptees except in rare circumstances. If you decide to use a mtDNA test in your research, then we recommend the full sequence for mtDNA or the less expensive mtDNAplus test and upgrade when finances allow.

Adoptee Project at FTDNA The adoptee project at FTDNA is called the “Global Adoptee Genealogy Project”. This gives the administrators visual access to your DNA results if you need help. A Welcome Letter is sent to all with recommendations and suggestions.

You can also get discounts on DNA tests through the project. To access discounts on tests at FTDNA, join the project and then go here for the discounted prices:

To join a project, log into your account, at the tab at the top “Projects”, select “Join a project”, in the search box on the next page put in “adoptee” and the project will show in the listing. Click on it and click on “Join”.

*Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) testing is usually not genealogically informative, so we recommend that women, instead, start with autosomal DNA testing and men test either their Y-DNA or autosomal DNA (or both).