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Summary to Date of Kim's Search

Since my mom recently got a close match, I wanted to write up a summary of my search for my mom's birthfather.  Mom tested at family tree dna and  I started building trees for her matches.  After building many trees, I built a tree for a 4th-6th cousin ancestry match Steve.  Some of Steve's ancestors were from the same county in Illinois as the birthmother.  So I continued to build out Steve's tree.  Eventuallly my mom got a 2nd-3rd cousin ancestry match Roy.  Roy did not have any information, but Roy was already in the big tree I had built for Steve.  I filled in more of the tree around Roy's ancestors, and noticed the Bruns family.  In filling in the tree for the Bruns family I contacted Greg who had a tree on ancestry.  Greg and I emailed back and forth.  I took the dnaadoption dna class and was able to further analyze the results and build more trees.  I got advice from people on the dnaadoption yahoo group.  In looking further at the Bruns family, I thought that Greg's great uncle was the birthfather.  Greg agreed to do a ftdna test.  We waited for test results.  I filled in more details in the tree.  Greg turned out to be a 2nd-4th cousin match - not close enough for his great uncle to be the birthfather, but at least I was on the right track.  I moved along the Bruns tree.  I had also contacted Bob who had a Bruns family tree on ancestry.  Bob and I emailed back and forth and I explained the situation.  Bob's mother Mary agreed to test on ftdna.  We waited for test results.  A few days ago the results came in.  Mary is my mom's first cousin on my mom's birthfather's side.  This means that one of Mary's uncles (there are 4 of them) is my mom's birthfather.  Based on where they were living when my mom was born, I have narrowed the list to 2.  It is amazing that my mom and I have gotten this far along in the search.  We only had the name and location of the birthmother and  a rough estimate for the age of the birthfather.  My mom was born in 1933, so a lot of time has gone by.  Thank you.  (I have changed all names and surnames.)