Find Your Roots Through DNA
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This section includes:

 A summary of the basic recommendations to follow when you first get your test 

 A discussion of how DNA can help you and the types of DNA tests

•  A Guide for Beginners

Interpreting your DNA is seldom a quick process. Often, you need a great deal of work and dedication. While it is easier now to find someone to do the work for you, that help can be expensive. We are here to teach you, so that you can do your own search or be your own best advocate when hiring a professional. 

Many people have started this process with no skills in spreadsheets, DNA research or genealogy and yet more and more are discovering their roots or their birth family. These processes and tools are as useful for adoptees as for anyone searching for roots.

The First Look Classes that tell you what you do when you first get your DNA results are at: . They are now free! 

Birth Mothers, Grandmothers … an important perspective on our female ancestors (and males too) by Roberta Estes: "Things that Need to be Said"