Find Your Roots Through DNA
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Online Classes

For those of you new to DNA and/or genealogical searching; or even if you just want to refresh your knowledge, DNAAdoption along with DNAGedcom sponsors classes in DNA.  
Anyone is welcome to join us whether you are an adoptee or just looking to break down that brick wall.  These are all new updated lessons written by Diane Harman-Hoog, the original developer of the methodology.

We have a new Self Registration Process. All students have the ability to self register on the updated site. Payment for classes is accepted during the enrollment process. All monies received are put to good use for server and development expenses only as we are all volunteers. As always, we have a financial hardship policy. We want all students to be able to better understand their results. If you cannot afford our classes but need to learn more, please contact us at the email below.

For help or to get a financial assistance, email

If you have already taken a class through DNAAdoption and Moodle, you will use the same username/password. If you have not taken a class previously, you will need to create a profile. You will be prompted for payment through PayPal after choosing your preferred class. See complete sign up instructions below.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page is found here.

First Look/Intro to Results 

Basic introduction to results (AncestryDNA, FTDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage and Gedmatch). Each class focuses on a different company.

Autosomal DNA for Beginners

"Intro to DNA (101)" ($29) beginning June 21, 2019 for 2 weeks

This class is designed to give you basic information about: Working with Google and Yahoo Groups mailing lists, Getting your Non ID (for adoptees only), a Basic Idea of DNA, Identifying your Relationship to your Matches, DNA tests, Transferring your Data, Building a Tree, Using trees to search for your missing ancestor, Internet Resources, Basic DNA Tools, FTDNA, Spreadsheet Basics, and tips on Messaging your Matches to get a higher response rate. If you are either an adoptee or new to DNA and Genealogy, and DNA is just something you have heard about or you just tested and have no idea what you are looking at, this class is for you. 

"Applied Autosomal DNA (201)" ($49) beginning July 5, 2019 for 4 weeks 
Formally "The Basics of Autosomal DNA". This class will cover working with your FTDNA Family Finder results as well as 23andme, AncestryDNA and MyHeritage information. It will also cover segment and pedigree triangulation, how to build trees, using Gedmatch and using GWorks. 

We highly recommend that anyone taking this class know the basics of Excel and working with computers and files. Knowing how to download materials from this class, how to save and rename files, how to set up folders in directories, how to work with *.zip files is essential, as this is not a course in basic computer skills.

**** Please Note: Those with Ashkenazi Jewish heritage will require other workarounds that what we may or may not be able to provide. Analyses and assignments from the lessons may not be workable.

If you wish to focus on a non-Ashkenazi Jewish line, you will be able to complete assignments.

Syllabus for Applied Autosomal DNA (201)  Coming soon.


Y-DNA Class  

“Beginner Y-DNA Basics” ($39) beginning August 2, 2019 for 3 weeks.

This class will introduce you to Y-DNA and how it is used in genealogy. This self-paced 3-week course will show you how to find other people who shared an ancestor on your (or another relative's) paternal line. It will introduce you to the results and tools that allow you to analyze your Y-DNA. 

The curriculum is based upon the Y-DNA testing at FamilyTreeDNA. Please ask about this before enrolling if you have tested elsewhere.


Once you are enrolled in a class, you will receive a reminder email a week or few days before the class starts with additional instructions.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants Needed

If anyone would like to present a class, contact us ( One of us will work with you.   If you have any ideas for classes let us know. 


This site is totally supported by donations as is the tools development. We are volunteers but need money for computer expense. Please donate through PAYPAL. Our account name is If you select "Send money to friends or family" we do not have to pay fees out of the money to PayPal.

Sign up instructions:

You can sign up here to enroll in a class: .  Click on "Create an Account". An email will immediately be sent to your email address.  Just click on the web link it contains.  Your account will be confirmed and you will be logged in. (Don’t forget to save your username and password.  If you have already previously taken a class from us, just log in to Moodle with the username and password you originally set up). Then, select the course you want to participate in at

Once you are enrolled in a class, you will receive a reminder email a week or few days before the class starts with additional instructions.

If you are a new student enrolled in the Applied Autosomal DNA (201) class, we recommend that before the class starts that you upload your raw data from either FTDNA, 23andme or Ancestry to Gedmatch, only because it can take some time for the data to be usable.  Instructions are here: Upload to Gedmatch .Many people ask us which DNA company test should you upload?  It really doesn’t make a large difference but we recommend Ancestry if you have it; second 23andme, and then FTDNA.  We base this on the number of markers tested.  You can upload all 3 if you like also.


What our students are saying: 

“Before I took the class I'd found some of the tools to make the databases on DNAgedcom, but I'd stare at them wondering what I was looking at and what I was to do with them. I was taught so much and made to understand how to go about finding my family members using the online services. The people at DNAadoption running the classes gave me extra help and made a tree and databases for me, for which I am more grateful than I can say. Everyone having their DNA done with an online matching service needs to take this course. It's an eye opener.” 

“There's a steep learning curve to working with DNA results; I really wanted someone to walk me through the sites and tools and methodology. The course saved me a lot of time and frustration! *That's* what I was looking for! (Thanks!)” 

“You guys are wonderful in taking the time to answer questions and keep dumbing the answers down till I get love you all. You have become like family to me.” 

“This is my do-over class. The technology, as you kept saying, changes by the minute. Y'all did an awesome job of distilling the latest info into easily followed instructions. Yes, there were times when it was a little hard to follow because you know the steps and we don't, but patience on everyone's part solved that.” 

“This class more than met my expectations. I did get two friends to sign up for the class. I am very much looking forward to the advanced Class.” 

“I was so impressed with the amount of information provided. I saved all the lessons and I think I will take the class again so that I can get more experience using the tools.”

"I did complete the Basics of Autosomal DNA course offered in December and based on that strongly favorable experience am greatly looking forward to the Y-DNA class. "

"Thank you for creating such a great class to help newbies begin to understand how DNA can help untangle some of the mysteries for those of us who are adopted and don't have a clue how to understand the process."