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Transfer Raw Data to FTDNA


Fishing in two ponds is always better than one.


Here are the basic instructions to transfer your 23andMe (pre-Dec 2013 tests only) or AncestryDNA data (pre-June 2016 tests only) to FTDNA.  The current cost is $39.  

Go straight to the Family Finder Upload option:

PLEASE NOTE:  If you get the CCR5 choice in the drop down box - then you are logged into an account at FTDNA that already has a Family Finder kit.

If you have already done the Family Finder test with FTDNA, you CANNOT transfer your AncestryDNA or 23andme results to FTDNA. You can only have one set of autosomal results in your account. Also, please do not create another account to transfer -- you would just be duplicating your existing FF results. You'll match yourself, and all of your matches will see you on their match lists twice.

On the other hand, if you tested other family members who are not on FTDNA and want to transfer their results, then by all means, transfer those.  You will need a separate account for each person whose results you are transferring and must be logged out of any other account before you purchase the transfer.

Follow instructions to complete the transfer.  

Please note your new FTDNA account information....your log in kit number and password.

Then after you've made the purchase -
Login to your FTDNA account.
Look for a message to upload your results, and follow the link. It should be in the middle of the screen.
Follow the instructions on the screen. (You will have to download your raw data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA, go the tab "Download Raw Data" here on this site.)

Your results will be reviewed and added to the weekly batch process. After your results are batched, the Family Finder program will include them in the next upload....usually takes a few weeks for your results to post.


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