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Emergency Medical Locators

Emergency Medical Locators for Adoptees (EMLA) is a nonprofit organization that conducts free biological searches for those who are in critical need of their family medical histories in times of life-threatening medical crisis. 

Each year, thousands of adopted men, women, and children lose their precious lives to catastrophic illnesses because they are unaware of their biological medical histories. Many more live day to day without knowing that they are at risk of contracting any number of disorders—including diabetes, heart disease, and many forms of cancer —that could be effectively treated, if not prevented, had they sufficient time, adequate information, and access to what is rightfully theirs: their family medical histories. 

EMLA is equipped with a worldwide, around-the-clock team of expert emergency medical locators who have successfully retrieved vital information on behalf of countless adoptees facing medical emergencies. This information has ranged from critical data on familial disorders to links that have resulted in lifesaving bone-marrow transplants.

The backbone of EMLA is a team that includes not only emergency medical locators but also research specialists and professional fundraisers, all of whom offer their time and commitment on a purely voluntary basis. These individuals could be anyone—your next-door neighbors, coworkers, community librarians, teachers, nurses, or clergymen. All, however, are linked by their belief that the lack of a family medical history is no reason to die. 

Emergency Medical Locators is current with the laws and regulations covering open records, as well as keeping the public updated on their services, projects, and fundraising events.  It is EMLA's policy not to charge for any search that's conducted. We believe no one should be without their medical history.  p>Emergency Medical Locators Mission... 

To provide without charge continuing help and education to the adoption community, and those who are in need of locating their biological families during a medical emergency crisis. 

Emergency Medical Locators Vision... 

Is to advocate for the rights of Adoptees.  Though the political circles as a lobby, representing all adoptees' rights to a medical history, a basic right taken for granted by those who know their birth familie
Dedicated to those adopted whose lives are imperiled by medical crisis

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